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The HUMBLES Method for user-centred business

Aplication time: < 1 year

Degree of contact with the end-user: survey

Number of users: < 15

Overall cost: > 50000

Description: HUMBLES methodology was created by Francesc Aragall (Design for All foundation) published in a book together with Jordi Montana (ESADE Faculty of Business Administration). This human-centred methodology works on seven iterative steps. HUMBLES is adapted to the following typology of users: CEO, CFO, HR, Marketing, R&D, employees, customers and consumers. Therefore, it is strongly adapted to the SME world. The application cost and time is quite difficult to confine as it is not mandatory to go through all the seven HUMBLES steps to apply it. However if all the steps are applied sequentially, then the estimated timespan would be from one moth up to one year and the estimated cost of would be between 3.000⬠and 70.000⬠For gathering end-user insight, HUMBLES is quite effective quantitatively as it is mainly based on surveys. On the downside, the level of qualitative insights will be limited by this medium of user insight collection.


Steps: 1. Highlight Design for All opportunities 2. User identification 3. Monitor interaction 4. Breakthrough options 5. Lay out solutions 6. Efficient communication 7. Success evaluation

Contact: Francesc Aragall <>

  • Project phase:
    • Research
    • Ideate
    • Concept
    • Prototype
    • Implement
    • Assess
  • Methods successfully applied in:
    • Europe
    • Asia
  • Application domain:
    • Service
    • In person (service)
    • Online (service)
    • Products
    • Environment
  • Degree of proficiency: for method application:
    • High
    • Medium
  • Material:
    • None
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